Frequently asked questions

Can GTV™ magicaly detect how many rows and columns there are?

Not yet! At the moment, GTV™ only looks at the file name for the "8x8" or any "YxZ" nomenclature to know how many rows and columns to split. You can also manualy enter any numbers up to a sum of 400 in the rows and columns input boxes.

Is the license a one-time purchase?

Yes! If you buy GTV™ once, you own the current version forever.

Can I use GTV™ to view and manage standard (non sprite sheets) textures?

Yes absolutely! We built GTV™ to be used by everyone who needs to use textures every day.

Can I plug GTV™ into the Unreal or Unity Engine?

As of now, GTV™ is a stand alone designed to be opened extremely fast. GTV™ supports drag and drop to and from any program including Unreal and Unity.

Does GTV™ keep any information on me or my projects?

No! After installation, GTV™ is always offline and never sends any information to any server.

Can I browse paths on a local network?

Absolutely. GTV™ works with local networks and mapped drives.

Are we open to code custom versions of GTV™ for companies?

Yes! We would love to hear your ideas about making a custom version of GTV™ or integrate it into your engine. Please contact us using the contact form.